• How We Work
    How We Work

    How We Work

    CCFC empowers communities to create a safe place for children to grow, laugh, learn and play so they can achieve their full potential.

Focus on Children

Children are at the centre of all we do.

We are a child-centred international development organization. We protect and improve the lives of children by helping them realize their basic human rights. Inspiring adults and children to work together is key to positive, lasting change.

We empower communities to create a safe place for children to grow, laugh, learn and play

Our Impact

In Paraguay...

Sponsored children: 7,753

Beneficiaries: 36,854

Local partners: 4

Communities: 21

Where We Work

Paraguay Map
Arroyos y Esteros
Cnel. Oviedo
Mauricio J. Troche
Country Office Headquarters
J.A. Saldivar

We help families support the healthy growth and development of children from infancy through childhood to adolescence and young adulthood

Life Stages

Children experience poverty differently from adults. Their age, inexperience, lack of political and economic power, and dependence on others, make them particularly vulnerable to abuse. We help families support the healthy growth and development of children from infancy through childhood to adolescence and young adulthood. Children are empowered to be active, educated participants in their community.

Implementation Through Partners

We are proud of our work with local, Canadian and international partners to change the lives of children. Partners help make our programs possible.

We partner with governments, NGOs, community-based organizations, academic institutions and child, youth and women's groups

Community Development Across 3 Sectors

Our work helps communities be safer and healthier places for children to grow and develop using a holistic approach across multiple sectors and needs.

We partner with communities to improve access to medical care, nutritious food and clean water; eliminate barriers to education; create new sources of income; and empower local community groups to lead their own positive change.

CCFC achievements in Paraguay (for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018):


people have been reached by health-awareness campaigns


children have been enrolled to receive nutritional/food rations
880 children have received an annual health checkup

and Nutrition

Investing in health and nutrition means better health for children, improved school attendance, greater life expectancy and fewer childhood deaths.

"I don't feel pain in my throat anymore," says six-year-old Nelson with a big smile. To his sponsor, he adds, "Thank you very much for everything you gave me!"

When Nelson suffered from a chronic tonsil infection, and had difficulty breathing, surgery was his only hope. But like so many in Paraguay, Nelson's family couldn't afford it.

Together with our partner in Paraguay and Nelson's donor, we quickly arranged for the boy to undergo surgery locally. It was a success. Today, Nelson can breathe through his nose and talk normally.


children and youth have received educational supplies  


youth have been trained in vocational/life skills
2,815 students, parents, teachers, community leaders and more have been reached by awareness-raising campaigns


Investing in education means creating opportunities for the future. It also helps children to grow confidently and know their rights — making them less vulnerable to violence and exploitation and better prepared to be leaders in their community.

"We teach the children many lessons that will help them when they are in school. We also teach them the importance of good habits such as brushing their teeth, handwashing and the right place to throw garbage," says Petrona, an early childhood educator. "We do songs, dances, we paint and we have fun. We also teach them to share and be kind to each other."

Involving children in educational programs from an early age stimulates their cognitive development and increases their social skills.

In Paraguay, 95 percent of the communities where we work have implemented early childhood development programs and activities. Classes are now available for parents and for children from two to five years old.


children and youth have been trained in children's rights and responsibilities, leadership skills, group management skills and more


community members now belong to new child/youth groups


Community members and organizations that work together can achieve positive and lasting change. Empowered communities are safer places for children to grow, laugh, learn and play.

We set clear goals in partnership with each community, and together, develop a step-by-step plan to achieve them

A CCFC-supported community graduates when it has developed the infrastructure, skills and knowledge necessary to continue without our support. Community members are confident and empowered to meet future challenges on their own. They can advocate on behalf of themselves and their community. 

After a community graduates, community organizations continue to operate with local support and expertise. Previously sponsored children can continue to attend school and have access to the resources they need to achieve their full potential. 

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