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Children reading with mom

Featured project: Emerging Literacy

April 2016 – February 2017

Less than 40 percent of families in Paraguay have incorporated reading into their parenting practices, according to Latin American data from BID/PRIDI (2014). Yet, it’s critical to develop basic language skills to prepare young children for formal education. Family Reading Time was a way to train and encourage parents of 38 families to meet the educational and emotional needs of their children (aged zero to three) through daily reading. The project improved 48 children’s interest in reading and interaction with their caretakers, and we found 50 percent more books in family homes.

Funding partner: DUCA Credit Union Ltd.

Featured project: Improving health and safety in Remansito

April 2016 – April 2017

A 2015 evaluation of our Remansito program uncovered that just five percent of mothers of children aged zero to five felt they lived in a safe and healthy environment. So, we worked with 1,000+ children, youth and adults to create 100 educational kits for community leaders to reflect and inform others about local issues. There was discussion about safety (to prevent abuse), hygiene, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and good nutrition. In 2017, our end-line evaluation showed a nine percent improvement in how mothers felt about the health and safety of their community. And, the results are expected to continue as the initiative continues in local schools.

Boy and woman holding tomatoes

Our Work, in Action

Child kicks new ball received through Gift Catalogue donation
Daniela shows the Christmas Card received from her Sponsor
Jesús rides bike received from Gift Catalogue donation
Children raise their voices against violence and exploitation

Christian Children's Fund of Canada partners with organizations and communities that share our values and goals

Together, we help communities become self-sustaining


Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke and Dr. Verent Mills start work with Chinese war orphans.


Dr. Clarke creates China's Children Fund (CCF).


CCF expands its work from Asia into the Middle East after WWII. Renames itself "Christian Children's Fund".


CCF has global reach, and Canadian support leads to the creation of Christian Children's Fund of Canada.

Our History
in Paraguay

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada has worked in Paraguay since 1995. We work in partnership with local non-governmental organizations in child-centered community development programs, seeking to improve life for children, their families and communities through activities in education, health and nutrition, and to strengthen community organizations.

How We Work

Focus on Children
Children are at the centre of all we do.
Life Stages
CCFC helps families support the healthy growth and development of children from infancy through childhood to adolescence and young adulthood.
Implementation Through Partners
CCFC is proud of its work with Canadian and international partners to transform the lives of children, families and communities for the better.
Community Development Across Sectors
In Paraguay, we focus on three priorities: health and nutrition; education; and strengthening community organizations. 

Our Team

Jorge Méndez Rheineck
Country Director
Responsible for the overall success of the work in our Country Offices, the Country Director leads and manages CCFC’s in-country strategic growth and direction, program development, international and domestic partnerships, and day-to-day operations.
Diego Martinez
Program Manager
In this diverse and multi-faceted role, the Program Manager is responsible for providing guidance to local partners in the planning of programs and projects to achieve social impact, for monitoring implementation, and for reporting. 
Rosanna Menchaca
Communications Manager
The Communications Manager is responsible for building the profile of CCFC in-country and internationally, through strategic activities in media and government relations, brand recognition, content development, ambassador and guest visit facilitation, networking and awareness raising. 
Rosarina Maciel
Finance Manager
The Finance Manager is responsible for coordinating and tracking all in-country revenue and expenditures, managing financial reporting relationships between partners, and ensuring financial accountability and transparency through close monitoring and auditing of accounts.
Silvana Brambilla
Sponsorship Manager
Through engaging closely with local partners and community members, the Sponsorship Manager is responsible for developing and facilitating the implementation of CCFC’s in-country sponsorship program.

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