Rosanna Menchaca

ROSANNA E. MENCHACA, Communications Manager

Rosanna E. Menchaca has been the communications manager at Christian Children's Fund of Canada (CCFC) in the Paraguay country office since August 2008. In her career, she has held operational and administrative positions in customer-based financial companies as well as technical positions in international social organizations such as Plan Paraguay, where she led communication and public relations.

The communications manager has 17 years (1990-2006) of experience working as a producer and host of radio programs in Asunción (such as Caritas, Cordillera, Chaco Boreal, Ñandutí). She's also worked for a newspaper and for the youth magazine of the Salesian Congregation. She spent 13 years (2001-2013) at the University of the North in the School of Journalism as well as in the School of Sports, teaching classes related to journalism, communications, Spanish and oratory

Active promoting social causes since her school days, Rosanna coordinated youth and parish groups, among other activities. Since 1999, she's been dedicated to childhood development, working in public relations, branding, media and advocacy. She's also worked with national networks as the Coordinator for Rights of Children and Adolescents, and she's worked regionally at the Global Movement for Children and Adolescents - Latin America and the regional office of ChildFund International (U.S.A.) and ChildFund Alliance as well as with other CCFC countries of operation in America, Asia and Africa.

Rosanna has a degree in Communication Sciences from the Catholic University of Asunción where she specialized in Children and Adolescents, with an emphasis on public policy. She has a post-graduate degree in Teaching Higher University from the National University of Asunción.

Married to Osvaldo Caceres Encina, Rosanna has two children, Ivan Nicholas and Giovanna Maria Alexandra.